beautiful journey

SONY DSCIt took me a month to decide on the name for my blog.  My newsletter I send out every few months is called “the journey”, but I didn’t want to call this the same thing… because it’s not the same thing. 🙂  But I always think of life as a journey.  There are ups and downs, twists and turns, growth along the way.  We learn so much through every day experiences that allow us to handle and get through and thrive in the next stages of life.  And you know what?  It’s all so beautiful!  God in his sovereignty has designed this life in such a way that everything – everything… good, bad, painful, joyful – points back to him and his love for us.  And how much more beautiful can you get than God’s love?

And how beautiful is it when our journeys collide with one another?  Even if for a little while, we get to do life together, experience the same things, laugh and cry together.

So that’s why I named my blog “beautiful journey.”  I hope you enjoy reading about a little of my journey, and I pray that you and I are able to always see the constant beauty found in this journey we call life.


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