life update

How about a little update on my life?

I bought a house a little over a month ago.  There are a lot of people working on our center who can do amazing things with a house, for a fraction of the cost in America (I mean, I bought the house for about a tenth of what it would cost there).  The labor is cheap.  The materials?  Not so much.  For example: a 4-liter can of paint cost me $90.  Not cool.

But I’m taking a lot of it into my own hands… and the hands of my wonderful friends.  We’ve moved all the furniture off of the main floor, knocked down a wall, tore up carpet and tiling, removed a wardrobe attached to the wall, removed wallpaper (which is of the Devil), primed for paint, and painted a little.  I’ve ordered new curtains, bedding, dishes, Christmas tree :).  Next up is painting walls yellow and purple (along with beige), and having the wood floor sanded and refinished!  Then I can officially move in and stop paying double house fees!

These pictures are of my kitchen before and in the middle of renovation, me trying to get the tiles off the kitchen floor, and a group of us having a picnic on my living room floor, in the middle of painting!



SONY DSC Lots of other things are going on, as well.  September 30th was fiscal year-end for our organization, so as the Finance Manager I’ve been busier than usual.  That season should be over soon!  And teaching is going great!  I love my 8th grade math class.  I’m looking forward to when I can start teaching full time.  Pray for a Finance Manager to answer the call to come to PNG!

Although we don’t have a fall (which is my favorite) in this country (it’s actually turning into Summer… and rainy – read: downpour – season) we Americans still feel the need to decorate with leaves and pumpkins and have a Thanksgiving feast.  We have a “black Friday” on Thanksgiving Saturday, when our store opens and sells new things they have in stock for Christmas gifts, or other fun things.  There’s a community craft fair next week, where members of the community set up shop in our Teen Center and display all their fun home-made things for sale.  And thus begins the Christmas season!

This is my friend Leah, who is my housemate, and she is pretty cool.  She also likes to dress up like a pirate… for the children, of course…  This is what she wore for her round in the dunk tank at Carnival this year.SONY DSC

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