an ukarumpa thanksgiving

I’m going to tell you about Thanksgiving here… and you’ll probably be jealous.  Maybe.  Maybe not. 🙂

I miss my family.  I hate that I missed another year of our big Thanksgiving meal, of drawing names to see who I get to buy a Christmas present for, of Black Friday shopping (although I probably would not have participated in the Black Thursday shopping… ridiculous), of ringing in the Christmas season with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, of going to the local tree farm and picking out the perfect Christmas tree, and then decorating said tree to the nines, of watching my nephew be wonder-filled at the sights and sounds of the season.  So many Ingle family traditions!

But this is what it’s like in Ukarumpa…

First, because I’m single, everyone thinks I need a home to go to for the Thanksgiving feast… and I do not mind at all. I love my Ukarumpa families!  Thursday night I hung out with these fun people.  SONY DSC Tara (left) and her family joined Wycliffe about the same time I did.  We did all our training together and arrived in Papua New Guinea within a day of each other.  Diane (middle) and Dan went through POC (orientation here in PNG) with me and became known as my “uka-parents.”  They’re so great!

Saturday I got to join the Wulff family for their festivities.  Bill and Debbie are the parents of my amazing friend, Amanda.  It’s really cool that they get to be a family here together (although their 3 other kids are in the US right now).  The Wulffs have been here 12 years, and Debbie works in the Finance office with me.  We watched an old Panthers’ game from a couple months ago (they won!), an old parade (from like 2005 or something), and played board games.  Also we ate fantastic food, of course!SONY DSCThe Wulffs are on the left.  Amanda and her husband, Alan, are next to me and Leah (my awesome friend and housemate).  I got that shirt/tunic/dress/thing from the second hand store in town!

And then Sunday I had another fantastic meal with the Carey family and friends…SONY DSCScott (head of my department at the high school) and Sarah Carey are on the left.  My dear friend Cathy and her husband Todd are on the right.  I was really excited to spend the afternoon with them!

And, I promise, we are not lacking in the food category…SONY DSCIn the midst of all the Thanksgiving celebrations, we have our own “Black Friday” of sorts.  Except for us, it should probably not be considered a “sale,” but a “mark-up.”  And it’s on Saturday.  But it’s awesome.  From what I’ve heard, this year was one of the best in the history of Ukarumpa!  Usually we only have food and some housewares available in our store.  But just for this one month of December, we have tons of other stuff brought up the mountain for us to drool over and possible buy.  I bought a lamp for my new house.  And some kitchen towels and washcloths.  The set of towels had a TJ Maxx sticker on them for $3.  I paid about $7… not too bad for PNG! 🙂

I arrived an hour and a half before opening to be one of the first ones in line.SONY DSCAnd this is the line 5 minutes before it opened!SONY DSCAnd this is the check-out line… a sight only seen once a year in Ukarumpa!SONY DSCOh, and Leah and I put up our Christmas tree!SONY DSCOh, oh, and I made a really awesome pie crust!SONY DSCHappy Holidays, ya’ll!


One thought on “an ukarumpa thanksgiving

  1. Looks like you had an awesome Thanksgiving .We sure did miss you here.
    You look so happy and beautiful with your friends there. Glad you have so many wonderful friends.
    Love you!!!!!

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