healthy living

I love having a healthy lifestyle!

I used to hate running. I hated hiking. Pretty much hated anything that made me sweat. I also hated worrying about what I ate. The fact that I remained relatively thin didn’t help the matter any. Sometimes I’d gain a few pounds and decide that I needed to workout and count my calories. The running might last a couple months. The counting calories would only last a couple days.

But I realized in the last several months that it’s not about how I view my body, or wanting others to view me as having a super awesome bod, or even about preventing future health issues (hello, diabetes in 3 of my grandparents!)  It’s not about cutting out certain things because the world tells you that you should.

My body is the earthly home for my eternal soul. My body is a vessel God uses to carry out his Great Commission. My body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. My life as a follower of Christ means that I should be actively preparing (physically, mentally, spiritually, etc) to jump into whatever he calls me. And I think by being sedentary all day and eating junk without thought, we are basically throwing those facts to the wind. (Also maybe having that lazy [physical] lifestyle as a Christian is just like a [spiritual] lifestyle of not ever picking up the Bible to study the very words given to us by our God?)

So those facts have made me not only see how necessary a healthy lifestyle is, but I’ve also grown to really love it – I enjoy running. I enjoy hiking. I really enjoy yoga (so relaxing and stretchy!). I love adventures! I love the taste of healthy food. Don’t get me wrong… it’s not like I don’t have Cadberry Mini Eggs sitting on the table in front of me right now!

(And have you noticed how super awesome and comfy exercise clothes are?? I could live in yoga pants… I digress ;))

It also helps that I have my healthy-eating workout-buddy sister for a roommate and a super-amazing town for the running!

Our favorite meal - maybe I'll do a recipe post for it!  So delicious.

My new favorite meal – maybe I’ll do a recipe post for it! So yummy and healthy.

The running trail through downtown Lincolnton - looking forward to the blooming flowers and trees!

The running trail through downtown Lincolnton – looking forward to the blooming flowers and trees!

❤ brandy

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