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I’m sorry for the little blog hiatus. I’ve also had little bits of life hiatus lately. It’s been good.  It’s been restful.

For the first time in three years, I got to spend Christmas, New Year’s Eve, all the family’s January birthdays, and my birthday with my family (and some Atlanta friends, too). I also moved in to a cute apartment in downtown Lincolnton, NC, with my sister. We love our new little place. And now I get to do life with my whole family within 30 minutes of me.

Jessica and me in our new apartment

Jessica and me in our new apartment

My second month home mostly consisted, shamelessly, of watching Netflix, another thing that I haven’t been able to do in 3 years. It was cold that month, so I spent a lot of time inside. My sister also calls me her wifey, since she has a full time job and I get to stay home and keep the house clean. 🙂

God’s been teaching me a lot, too, during this time.  Mainly about his love.  His love is so great, so vast, unending, unfathomable.  I love all this extra time to spend with him and in his word every day.  Sometimes I wish that could just be my profession!

Lincolnton, NC

Lincolnton, NC

I haven’t lived full-time in Lincoln County for almost 15 years (4 years in VA, 7 years Atlanta, 3 years PNG). I am now part of a church in Lincolnton where I am meeting so many new people. I love these new relationships. I’m super excited that I get to spend a weekend with the women of the church on their annual retreat next month. I love hearing how God has worked and is working in this body of believers. And I love that I’m now in that story, if only for a season.

One thing I greatly miss, though, is having daily conversations with people who know my life in Papua New Guinea (PNG). They’re part of my daily life. They get what I’ve experienced and what I’m going through. They get why I miss the things I miss about PNG. I’m so fortunate to have a very close friend from PNG living less than a couple hours away, and we have been able to get together a few times.

In February, I got to be a part of a week-long course called “Connection” at my organization’s headquarters in Orlando. The staff were there for us, to love on us, speak truth into our lives, give us little hints about how to deal with home assignment… but the best part for me was getting to spend that whole week with other people who have lived overseas, who understood what that life looks like, even some of them from PNG as well! It’s like we speak a common language. So refreshing.

PNG group in Orlando

PNG group in Orlando

I want to be better at blogging going forward. I want to communicate with you, since many of you pray for me on a regular basis. I usually just feel like my life is boring. 🙂 So if you have any questions about me, about PNG, about small-town life… or if you want to just give me a topic and see what I come up with… let me know!! Maybe that will give me more ideas for writing.

❤ brandy

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