the art of buying plane tickets

My memory is horrible these days! I forget meetings, appointments, a conversation I had yesterday, a decision a friend and I made together, things I’m supposed to ask others, the grocery list. A friend today asked when I’m going on furlough… “four months from now”. That’s it, you have transition memory loss. …I’ll take it!

I don’t know if that’s really true, but I have been thinking a lot about furlough lately. [Furlough is the time that we missionaries take away from our main assignment to go home to family and friends, report to our supporters, raise more support, and have a home assignment.]

I’ve been looking at plane tickets almost every day for about 3 months now. Buying tickets around the world has to be an art form… and I plan on mastering it. Somewhere I read that it’s possibly true that when you’re flying between America and the Pacific, your best ticket prices are at about 4 months out. But disclaimer: Christmas time throws any research right out the door. And right before Christmas happens to be my traveling time.

In 5 days, it’ll be exactly 4 months from my scheduled departure date. In the last week, I have seen ticket prices for a few flights I’ve been tracking rise about $6 (staying around $1,500). This is my train of thought almost every day: “When will be the day they jump by $100. $500? Will there come a day soon when they’ll plummet before making that jump? Should I just accept that this might be the lowest ever and go ahead and buy them? But what if the price drops tremendously tomorrow? What if…?!”

And what do I get from all that thinking?  A headache.  And memory loss, apparently.

One thing I do know… once I buy my tickets, there’s no way I can allow myself to even think about going online to see anymore ticket prices.

Do you have any pointers?  Do you want to do my research for me?  Maybe even buy my tickets so I never have to worry about it again? 🙂

Oh the joys of a transient lifestyle!


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