in with the new

How water gets to our homes here is a lot different than in the States. Each house has a large water tank where rain is collected from our roofs. A pump then carries the water to a smaller tank on top of the house, which feeds water into the house using gravity. And that’s how we have running water! (Some houses pump directly from the rain tank into the house.)


Gross old pump

My water pump died last week – so of course I had to get a new one (life without running water would not be fun). It’s so shiny and new, and I’m sure it will last for years to come. But it was not cheap! I was definitely not expecting to shell out $700 to replace a water pump just months after I bought a house.


So clean and shiny!

Oh the joys of being a new homeowner!

But some for-real joys: I got my shipment from my parents containing loads of things to make my house more “homey”! And I finished up the painting I wanted to do to the walls.


Living and dining rooms

I really love walking into my house now. It feels like home! This house has lessened the stresses that a transitive lifestyle can bring. With all the other changes happening in life, I know God has provided this place for some much-needed stability.

3 thoughts on “in with the new

  1. Brandy, your house is lovely. I am so glad you have your own home now. I am sure you do feel more at home in your own home.
    Sorry you had to replace your pump so soon
    Granddaddy is having to replace the pump down at the barn ,but it has been there 30 yrs.
    We are finally are having some warm, and beautiful days. Will be so glad when it gets warm
    and stays warm.
    Hope you have a lovely day.


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