a new blog

Hey y’all – Welcome to my new blog!

I needed a change in my life (and google was making me angry), so I’ve moved to WordPress.  I’ve been wanting to switch over for a while, anyway – and this was the opportune time. 🙂

I’m still enjoying life and working away in Papua New Guinea.  Bought a house, fixing it up, preparing for the Ukarumpa Christmas season, working two jobs.  I’ve been quite busy!  Updates on more of life to come…

So for now, I just wanted to take a minute to welcome you to the new place.  And to grace you with something beautiful from PNG.  This is a village that’s just up the hill from Ukarumpa…
SONY DSCCome back soon.  And while you’re here, click “follow” over there on the right to be notified when I’ve posted something new!

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